Hamilton Gardens Cop Op Scam

Hamilton gardens cop op of Garden city NY is a scam and will waste your time.  It is not worth living there.  The building was built in the 1940′s, old building, no central air conditioning.  The structure is facing a North and south direction and sheds zero sunlight into the building.  The other members that live there average age is about 65.  There is an $800 non refundable application fee and even if you offer to buy the co op up front with no mortgage, have a 780 credit score and a cosigner that makes over $400k a year and they still deny your application.  The place is a complete joke and they run their board and interview and application process like amateurs.  If you are denied they do not give  you a reason why.  If you want to live with a bunch of smug dinosaurs then Hamilton gardens is the place for you!

Buyer Beware!!!!!!  No one tells you this information so now someone has informed the public of their amateur unprofessional co op board and overpriced buildings with no central air conditioning and tiny kitchens fit for a hamster.

$1800 a month in maintenance!!!!! NO AC, have to pay for parking and get on a waiting list for a parking spot!!!!!!!

Also what they conveniently forget to mention is that there is a contamination site across the street with construction work and mack trucks driving up and down the street all day!

Here is the link of proof: http://www.hempsteadintersectionstreetmgpsite.com/pdfs/Hempstead%20English%206-07.pdf